Dear Diana, 

Thank you for your excellent book on the History of Jazz Australia which took some time to arrive and for me to read and digest.  I found it most fascinating, and more than an historical account of Jazz in Australia but an encyclopaedic account of the subject in its entirety from the time you were first involved in presenting Jazz in1975 up to the year 2015 when you wrote this book.  The undying efforts you put into spreading this genre of music, your grit and determination to achieve what you did to arouse interest in it must be highly commended.  Your presentation at Harbourside Village on “Remembering Graeme Bell” last year did exactly that also. It went down so well that residents still talk about their enjoyment of it.  

Yours is a book that all Classic Jazz enthusiasts should obtain.

I treasure the several DVDs that you have given me such as Tributes to Graeme Bell, Tom Baker, Ian Smith’s Allstars and Steve Grant’s “Moments In Time”. I must again thank you for them.

Jamie [Oehlers] will, without doubt, enjoy your book because he will be acquainted with the bands and musicians you write of. 

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to get to know you-the iconic Jazz presenter whose name has become synonymous with Jazz in and out of Australia.

Wishing you all the very best ,

Jock Oehlers
Perth WA
Author of ‘And That’s How it Goes’ 

            and former clarinetist in Singapore